Lunch & Dinner

Vegan Butter Chicken with Soy Curls

This Vegan “Butter Chicken” is creamy, flavorful, and great for a somewhat quick weeknight meal. The soy curls used make a hearty “chicken” substitute while keeping things vegan-friendly!

Summer Root Vegetable Soup

Hello, friends! Welcome to my first summer-y recipe of the season: a Summer Root Vegetable Soup! I absolutely love to “eat with the seasons”. What I mean by this is that I like to eat produce that is currently in season, because it’s at it’s peak yumminess! In-season veggies are […]

Red Lentil Curry with Roasted Cauliflower

If you need a quick weeknight meal, look no further than this red lentil curry! It pairs well with roasted cauliflower and/or brown rice, or can be enjoyed all on its own! Instant pot and stove top directions are both provided.