Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl recipe by Joyful Balance

Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl With Citrus Vinaigrette

Hello, my beautiful chickpeas! Today I am sharing a recipe that has been on my list for a long time: my Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl With Citrus Vinaigrette! This is basically my current favorite combination of ingredients. We take a delicious air fried tofu (though it can also be made in the oven), pair it with some vibrant veggies and a hearty grain, and top it with an insanely flavorful oil-free citrus dressing. This may be my favorite Buddha bowl recipe yet and I can’t wait for you to try it!

Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl recipe: vegan, oil free, and WFPB

This recipe has so many nutrients built in, keeps you full, and tastes INCREDIBLE. And I’m obsessed with the air fried tofu. Let’s go!

Inspiration for Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl

This Buddha bowl recipe is inspired by a couple different bowls that I have ordered at restaurants in the past. The main two that inspired this are the Healthy Bowl at Iron Horse and the Rainbow Bowl at Bouldin Creek Cafe! These both have similar vibes and take the same general concept of combining fresh and flavorful veggies with a vibrant dressing. They both hit the spot for me every single time.

For my version I took the same general concept and some similar flavors, but also added my own twists. I knew I wanted to make my version a bit more filling, so I started by adding my Sesame Herb Tofu. From there I basically threw in all my favorite veggies, whipped up a vibrant citrus dressing (and even kept it oil-free), and the Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl was made!


Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl with Citrus Vinaigrette

This bowl is basically a combination of all of my favorite wholesome ingredients. However it’s also super versatile, so be sure to check out “Tips & Tricks” for ideas on how to switch it up!

  • Chickpeas: I tried multiple bean and legume options with this and was the most excited by the chickpeas. Their flavor pairs great with everything else!
  • Spring greens: every good Buddha bowl recipe needs some greens! These are vibrant and light.
  • Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrot, and avocado: basically all of my favorite veggies. They provide a variety of textures to make our bowl interesting, and lots of great flavor!
  • Farro: my grain of choice here! I love farro because it’s slightly nutty but also ever so slightly sweet.
  • Sesame Herb Tofu: this was a very early recipe on the Joyful Balance blog, and I’m still obsessed with it years later. You can make the tofu in either the air fryer or the oven!
  • Orange juice/zest, tahini, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, mustard, and lemon juice: these all come together to make up our Citrus Vinaigrette! This dressing comes out creamy, a bit sweet, and has some sour hints to it.
  • Sesame seeds and cilantro: some extra topping options if you want your bowl to have even more pop!

How to Make a Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl with air fried tofu and veggies

Of course you can find the full recipe down below! But let’s go over the basics (spoiler: it’s pretty easy!)

  1. Cook your farro according to package directions
  2. Add all dressing ingredients to a container and shake until combined.
  3. Divide all components between 4 bowls. Drizzle on the dressing, throw on some toppings, and enjoy!

Tips & Tricks

Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl with fresh veggies and farro

As mentioned earlier, this recipe is SUPER versatile. There’s lots of ways you can switch out ingredients for what you prefer, but let’s go over some specific ideas I have for you!

  • You can switch out pretty much any ingredient in the bowl that you’d like to. The recipe is my dream version as written, but everyone has different preferences! You can switch out the farro for another grain (my husband loves it with quinoa), switch out the chickpeas for any canned bean in your pantry (my next favorite is black beans), the spring greens for your favorite green, or literally any of the veggies for whatever speaks to you.
  • My husband and I love to use this recipe to meal prep for the week. I prep all the veggies and divide them between 4 containers in the fridge, and then each day for lunch we each grab a container, top with the last couple ingredients, and pour on the dressing! (I recommend keeping the dressing separate in the fridge if you plan to assemble the bowls later).
  • If you love Buddha bowls, be sure to check out my FREE ebook all about them: Joyful Creations, Your Plant Based Guide to a Better Buddha Bowl!
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Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl

Recipe by Delaney Romero – Joyful Balance


From Start to Finish





This Sesame Tofu Buddha Bowl is a veggie dream! We take a delicious air fried tofu (though it can also be made in the oven), pair it with fresh veggies and a hearty grain, and top it with an insanely flavorful citrus vinaigrette. It is bright and vibrant, and makes the perfect wholesome lunch! For a delicious and easy meal prep, store the prepped veggies, the cooked tofu, and the dressing in the fridge (keeping the dressing separate) and assemble bowls throughout the week.

*Note that From Start to Finish is an estimate that assumes 60 minutes for prep (including making your Sesame Herb Tofu, chopping your veggies, and cooking your farro in step 1 of the recipe), followed by 10 minutes of assembling your bowls.


  • Buddha Bowl:
  • 1/2 cup uncooked farro (or another grain of choice)

  • 1 full recipe (16 slices) of Joyful Balance Sesame Herb Tofu

  • 1 cup canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained

  • 4 cups of spring greens

  • 2 mini cucumbers, diced

  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

  • 1 large carrot, julienned

  • 1 large avocado, sliced

  • Citrus Vinaigrette:
  • Orange juice and zest from half of one navel orange

  • 1.5 Tbsp tahini

  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

  • 1.5 Tbsp pure maple syrup

  • 1 tsp dijon mustard

  • Optional: 1 tsp lemon juice*

  • Optional toppings:
  • Sesame seeds

  • Cilantro


  • Cook farro according to package directions. (You can work on step 2 while the farro cooks).
  • Add all dressing ingredients to a jar or container (with a lid) of your choice. Shake vigorously to combine until all ingredients are incorporated evenly.
  • Divide the Buddha bowl ingredients between 4 bowls. Drizzle your dressing onto each bowl and top with sesame seeds and cilantro (if using). Serve and enjoy!


  • *Optional lemon juice: I tested this recipe with the lemon juice and without, and honestly I couldn’t pick a favorite, it was great both ways! If you want your dressing on the sweeter side then leave this out, but if you want it more sour then add it in!

Happy cooking! If you made this recipe don’t forget to tag me (@joyfulbalanceofficial) on facebook or instagram so I can cheer you on for your bowl-making ways.

Stay joyfully balanced!


  1. This was SO easy to make and full of flavor. Filling, fresh, and satisfying — I will be making this again!

  2. Such a simple and nourishing bowl with scrumptious tofu. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a beautiful bowl of food! Perfect for my grain-free meal day. I will swap the farro with quinoa. Thank you for the recipe.

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