Sauces & Dressings

Roasted Veggie Pasta Sauce Recipe by Joyful Balance

Roasted Veggie Pasta Sauce (Sheet Pan Sauce)

This Roasted Veggie Pasta Sauce tastes like the garlicy tomato sauce of your dreams, and has tons of nutrients packed in from the hidden veggies! Super simple to make and so delicious. Toss it onto your favorite pasta and dig in!

Vegan Cheddar Cheese sauce recipe by Joyful Balance

Vegan Cheddar Cheese Sauce (& Spread)!

This Vegan Cheddar Cheese Sauce is great as a spread on crackers and sandwiches, and it makes the absolute best vegan grilled cheese. This recipe is pretty easy to make and comes together in less than 30 minutes. If you want a delicious and cheesy experience but without the dairy, you’ve come to the right place!

Easy Vegan Mayo Recipe for sandwiches and burgers

Easy Vegan Mayo (Oil Free!)

This Easy Vegan Mayo is the perfect compliment to any sandwich or veggie burger, and only takes 5 minutes of hands-on time! It is even oil free. Make this over the weekend and use it as a flavorful and quick condiment throughout the week!