Super Simple Vegan Miso Soup recipe by Joyful Balance

Super Simple Vegan Miso Soup

This Super Simple Vegan Miso Soup is a 30 minute recipe that packs in tons of umami flavor. It’s great for cozy fall and winter nights! The miso pulls in tons of delicious umami vibes, and the tofu and shiitake mushrooms add some great texture and nutrients.

Vegan Hungarian Mushroom Soup Recipe by Joyful Balance

Vegan Hungarian Mushroom Soup

This Vegan Hungarian Mushroom Soup is hearty with a perfect balance of flavors! It’s slightly tangy from the coconut yogurt, earthy from the mushrooms, and has a burst of flavor from the herbs and spices. This is the perfect soup for any mushroom lover during soup season!

Vegan Instant Pot Veggie Chili Recipe by Joyful Balance

Instant Pot Veggie Chili

This Instant Pot Veggie Chili is completely vegan and perfect for busy weeknights & meal prep! Serve on its own or with Fritos and toppings of choice.